For everyone's everyday.

Pronounced as roo-wa and present online as ruapparels, R-U-A is a streetwear brand that is inspired by enduring traditional forms. Shop our selection of finely crafted apparel, made with quality materials by passionate makers.

R-U-A values the following:

ANDROGYNY -- We believe that people should be empowered to dress in a way that reflects who they really are. That means we will never have "Men's" and "Women's" sections on our online store because no one should be bound by arbitrary rules and expectations based on gender norms. 

SUPPORTING LOCAL MAKERS -- We work a lot with small local crafters and suppliers in creating our products. We believe that supporting local commerce enables us to also support creativity, community, and culture. 

SLOW FASHION -- We do not create for trends. We want to contribute to a sustainable future. We create clothes that will last as long as you want to wear them.