What's in a Face?

Spelled as R-U-A, pronounced as “roowa”, present online as ruapparels.com, and identifiable by this face:


This is Red Underlined Apparels. 

A lot of people have been giving us positive feedback and asking us about our logo. So, here’s a rundown on its design:

The logo was created by the talented Karl Castro (@karlfmcastro), three-time National Book Awardee for Design. Last year, a retrospective of his work was on exhibition at the Ayala Museum. He has also exhibited at the Silverlens Gallery and the UP Vargas Museum. 

In Karl's own words: 

“The face is a recurring motif in traditional art all over the world. This one is based on the lowercase letterforms ‘RUA,’ which when connected form the eyes and nose. The mouth is a reference to the underline. However, these typographic elements have been completely transformed to create a stoic visage, something that harks to both tribal masks and contemporary internet icons.” 

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 2.54.12 PM.png

The R-U-A Team absolutely love the image he created for us. It captures the essential features of a brand that is unassuming, not tied heavily to trends and gimmicks, inspired by traditional forms, and rooted in materials and relationships with passionate makers and creators. 


Joe SibayanComment