Supporting Local Culture

R-U-A is passionate about supporting local industry, communities, and culture that we just had to participate at the Escolta Block Party last November 25, 2017.  We had a pop-up and we were embraced with such a warm reception!

According to the organizers: "The Escolta Block Party is a gathering of a lovely community. Through it, more people can be made aware of the history and heritage of the area by participating in the various pocket events spread throughout the day. By experiencing the Escolta in a new light, people from different walks of life can have a better appreciation of the locale‚Äôs diversity. This endeavor is homegrown and executed through a collective effort." from Escolta Block Party FB page

So far, the Escolta Block Party has been happening once a quarter so be sure to watch out for the next one and we might just be there again ;-)