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We Are Selling Kidneys

Joe Sibayan

We all have that friend who is most dear to us. The kind we share both life's joys and disasters with. One who we might not see for a long time, but the moment we hang out with them, it’s as if no time has passed. Ken Carlo de la Cruz is that friend to a lot of people. And is definitely one for us at the R-U-A Team.

Ever since as a kid, Ken has always had a problematic kidney. Today, in his 30's, he is suffering from End Stage Renal Disease or simply known as kidney failure. He has been going through dialysis since 2015 and is currently doing it three times a week. He still goes to work on the other 4 days of the week, even in pain, just to fund his dialysis. He needs a kidney transplant soon but his funds are depleted by the continuing dialysis. We, his friends, couldn't just leave him suffering. We know a kidney transplant can improve his life and give him another chance at being the fun, thoughtful, and energetic guy we all know him to be. We aimed to raise US$6k to help fund the kidney transplant. We are still US$3k away from the goal. So, we decided to set up a fundraiser by selling a special T-shirt. 

In creating the T-shirt, the R-U-A Design Team chose a white combed cotton fabric that combined both softness and sturdiness. We had our tailor make a special pattern. We then created an intricate embroidered kidney design and placed it right about where one of your kidneys would be, making the shirt a good mini-lesson on human anatomy and a great awareness-driver. 

Each T-shirt will be made-to-order. This way, we can control the quality while at the same time making the project sustainable. So once you place your order, expect our atelier to deliver your shirt in about two weeks. 100% of the profits will go to charity. 75% will go to Ken’s fund while the remaining 25% will go to the National Kidney Transplant Institute of the Philippines to benefit other patients. For those who want to donate directly to Ken’s transplant fund, you may course your donations via gavagives


To order your Kidney T-shirt, click here