ArtFairPH Staff Shirt

ArtFairPH Staff Shirt


This staff shirt is a product of R-U-A's special collaboration with Art Fair Philippines, the biggest annual art event in the country. R-U-A created the staff uniform for the event and has created this version of the shirt for public release. 

We have created a T-shirt that reflects the vibrant local art scene and the alternative urban flavor of the event. The T-shirt is made of high quality combed cotton in peacock blue, sewn by small-scale local tailors in Bulacan. 

The shape of the T-shirt is defined by a loose fit and drop-shoulders—this allows for ease of movement and is an homage to streetwear. A cotton tape with silk-screen print provides visual interest and contrast.

The T-shirt is not made for a specific gender and can be styled in various ways, to reflect the individual style of the wearer.

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