Kimono Blazer


Versatile and unique, this Kimono Blazer is designed to move with your everyday needs. Crafted for everyone, this can be worn open as a drape, tied in front for a loose fit, or cinched even closer to the body as a coat. Only limited quantities of this design will be produced. 

  • Made from High Quality Brushed Cotton Twill
  • Handcrafted buttons made from natural shell
  • Two deep inseam pockets, one on each side for extra functionality
  • Sleeves fit loosely to allow for layering
  • A clever system of 3 cloth strings and a loop enable total control of the fit
  • Available in three colors: Mashū Blue, Mori Green, and Torii Red

Kimono Blazers are available for pre-order at a discount. Limited quantities will be on hand for delivery soon. Order yours now!

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