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At R-U-A, we want to take the unusual step of being transparent with our business. Below, we have answered some tough questions that we feel you should know about.


Who makes the products (clothes, bags, etc.) and the product inputs? 

Our clothes and bags are sewn by small-scale, family-based sewing shops and makers in Bulacan, Pasig, and Marikina in the Philippines. We know all of them. 

We source all of our materials from shops in Metro Manila that sell imported and local goods. We ask for any information that the sellers can give us about the materials that we source. 


How do you minimize waste?

We produce in small batches and in amounts that are always less than what we think will sell.  

We always strive to make clothes that will last as long as you want to wear them.


How much profit do you make?

We always strive to pay a fair price to all our suppliers, collaborators, and makers. We are invested in helping them make a living and improve their craft. When we price our products, we end up making a 40% margin (on the average, across multiple products) when all the factors of production, marketing costs, and other operation expenditures are taken in.  Our margins are way below the clothing industry standards for pricing. While we want to create a sustainable business, the value that we place on androgyny, slow fashion, and local industry pushes us to exist beyond the goal of simply making profit.